Quality of the video on the edges

just ripped a movie using DVD2One using default setting of 4472 MB size. using Ritek media. on my Apex, the movie freezes towards the tail end. works fine on my Pioneer 333.

here is the question. I have heard about problems when using the full capacity of cheap media. What size setting would you recommend? what do u generally use? is 4400 ok or should i go down as low as 4000.

any suggestions?

i had the same problem with my nashua dvds, now i burn with thats write media and the problem is solved.
the solve for this problem is find the right media for the right player that will do the job;)

I wouldn’t actually consider Ritec media cheap…maybe inexpensive but seems to be the favorite on other forums.
For me, by far the most reliable after trying Memorex, Maxell and Meritline (got away from any media that started with “M”) :-).

I had about 2 disk out of 10 having the same problems using 4472 mb size. Went to 4400 mb, and never had another problem with Ritec. Anything lower and your just wasting disk space.

If it works fine in your Pioneer, it isn’t the disk that has the problem, it’s your Apex m8


Although it’s more expensive, one media brand that starts with “M” - Mitsui - works for me flawlessly on any dvd stand-alone or dvd-reader! I write to the very edge, and never get any freezing or blockiness. I think the extra 75 cents is well worth it for archival quality and compatibility. Plus, the price will be coming down soon!

(Mitsui DVD-R 4.7GbV2, 2X recommended, silver unbranded)