Quality of ripped mp3's?

I’ve been having some problems recently ripping audio tracks from CDs. I usually use MusicMatch Jukebox (latest version) to rip the tracks but have come across this same problem with other software also. Alot of the tracks that are ripped sound really “echoey” compared to the original. Also the first split second of the track is extremely loud then returns to normal volume. I never used to have this problem before. And as far as I can remember, I haven’t changed anything. I’m using a HP 8100i CD-R and also have a Toshiba 32x CDROM.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Why don’t u use Xing AudioCatalyst ??
It works always. I use it and I have never
experienced anything like the things you
are describing.


Tha Sentinel

Thanks for the reply! I actually just started checking it out. I had tried it before but for some reason stopped using it. Hopefully it works.