Quality of Recode 2 MPEG2 Encoder

How is the quality of the MPEG2 encoder in Nero Recode 2, as compared to other MPEG2 encoders? Would one’s encoding quality be improved by purchasing another encoder, such as TMPGEnc?

If you mean do the ripped DVD’s look good the answer is yes. I am new to all of this, but I just used DVD Decryptor and copied LOTR: ROTK to my HDD. I then used Nero Recode to “Remake A DVD” and got rid of everything but the main title and the English 2 channel audio track. This put my video quality to just over 60% of the original. I also did an “Advanced Analysis” and that was it. I really can’t get over how good the rip looks and sounds.

Hi Sulaco, thanks for the response–I had almost given up on anyone responding :wink: . Glad to hear that the quality is good. I went ahead and bought my Nero 6 Ultra upgrade last night. Rather not have to spend more money on TMPGEnc, but would be willing to do so if its quality was much greater than Nero’s. However, from your experience, it sounds as though Nero’s quality is good, so how much better can TMPGEnc be?