Quality of "printable" media

Is the quality of CD-Rs/DVD-Rs whose utmost layer is “printalbe” (e.g. the new verbatim-blanks) lower than the quality of “normal” CDR/DVDR? I wonder if the durability and scratch-resistance etc. of the print-layer is worse. :confused:

DVDs and CDs are manufactured differently. DVD-/+Rs have the dye sandwiched between two layers of plasic and so it is impossible to actually scratch it off, CDs tend to have the dye directly below the label and so are more easily damaged.

Therefore there is no difference between printable and none printable DVDs scratch resistance wise, and I can’t comment on CDs as I have never used a printable CD in my life.

ONly thing that worries me about the way DVDs are made is the ever growing number of poorly bonded DVDs. I have seen many cases of the 2 layers separating from one another or breaking apart slowly, allowing very fast deterioration of the dye. Believe it or not I have seen this on a genuine, Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x, and that worries me.

The weak bonding on TYs is known about and has been mentioned in a few threads here.