Quality of Playo DVD`S -R

300 Playo DVD`s to use

What’s the media code?
Where were they made?
What’s your burner?
Did you do a test burn and a quality scan?

For being cheap media, suprisingly respectable, at least in my burners. The +R discs are AML002 and the results are very similar to the -R discs. If you are burning something really important, you may want to use something with a known track record, but so far they’ve done well for me.

If your burner is a crappy and has poor firmware support, they probably won’t burn as nicely, but if you have a Benq or a NEC, you’ll likely get very similar results. I’ve seen other burners that burn them similar to mine, but some don’t do as good of a job, such as BTC drives (which are not very good drives). I’ve burned alot of the +Rs and a few of the -Rs and none have deteriorated so far, although even the oldest AML002 discs are only about 8-10 months old.

Playo -R UME01, 8x in Benq 1640, SB off:

Playo -R UME01, 8x in Liteon 160P6S, HT/SB/OS off:

Ume should be okay, I’m not so sure about Anwell though…
Do they also have other manufacturers or is it only Ume and Anwell?

Only UME01 and AML002. AML002 burns with almost identical results to my UME01 scans, it’s much better than some of their older media, which could be anywhere from fair to horrible.

I also get surprisingly good results with the AML 002 discs. Not had a bad burn with them yet.