Quality of Mediastar (Taiyo Yuden) DVD-R 16x

Hi all,

I’ve only just decided I need to start archiving a bunch of data on my various hard disk drives. So I am reading up on the best DVD media to use.

From my various pieces of research I found that everyone seems to love this Taiyo Yuden dye with DVDs, so I’ve been looking around for media.

I’ve found this package of 100 DVD-Rs with Taiyo Yuden dye (TYG03). They are sold under the Mediastar brand name and available at svp:

These seem to be quite good value for taiyo yuden dye (from my research).

Looking at the image, it looks exactly the same as another product. The picture is at the same angle and everything as these Taiyo Yuden own brand discs:

Can I take this as a fact that they are similar discs, do you think?

How reliable will these Mediastar discs be over the long term?

(I’ve learnt a lot from this forum already!)

These are likely fake TY, based on the clear statement that they are “manufactured using TY dye”. It does not state they are made by TY.

If your stuff is important, get genuine premium TY and make 2 copies of everything.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The Mediastar CDRs (and DVD-Rs) are genuine TY, I have some here for review purposes.

EDIT: I also bought a pack of the colour CDRs myself, and before I bought them, I also emailed Steve @ SVP enquiring about whether they were genuine or not. His response was, yes.

I looked at the hub codes when I got them to make sure.

I haven’t tested the CDRs, but the DVD-Rs I tested produced impressive results, even at 18x on my Optiarc 5170S. :slight_smile:

How reliable long-term they are, I couldn’t tell you as I only tested a few.

Stock photos are often used online, so it’s usually best to ask for opinions, as you’ve done, rather than go by pics used by online stores. :slight_smile:

I think I may look at buying some of these Mediastar discs then, and keep an eye on them over time.

Could someone let me know what’s the best way to test DVDs, and perhaps link to a guide explaining it.

Much appreciated.

Thanks CDan and Arachne!

I’ve had a couple of lots of the Mediastar printables from SVP. Had zero problems from them, and have seen no difference to the regular permuim TY’s for double the price.

As for testing DVD’s, that would entirely depend on the burner(s) you use and have to hand. :slight_smile: That’s we we all here have multiple drives :cool:

I can second that, these discs are very good, very high quality. I have burned over 1000 and have been using them for the past 2 years now, ever since svp have stocked them. Theres no difference between these and the official TY 16x silver topped disc.

I still prefer the That’s ceramic coated media for my most precious data, although the printable TY have also been ok for me.