Quality of Laptop DVD burner - Fujitsu

I have a laptop DVD burner that I want to archive some wedding photos that are very important. I think its a Fujitsu burner. Would this produce reliable burns?

If you can give us the model number, I’m sure someone will be able to advise you on that. :slight_smile:

Also, media is important - for archiving, I’d use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden (CMC 8x media - branded as HP or Imation - is also known to be very stable).

It is a Fujitsu S Series N11743 (model no:LBS 7010 -AA061E0B0).

you dont give me driver for fujitsu n11743 driver

how can I dowloat it wat site

[QUOTE=jundel;2574811]how can I dowloat it wat site[/QUOTE]

Did you happen to even look at the date of the post?? 2007…that is so old and outdated…it would be better if you just either contacted Fujitsu or went to their site and looked for you model and drive don’t require drivers as they already come with the O/S. I think your confusing the software bundles that come with the drive as compared to the drivers already built into the O/S to recognize the drive itself. And asking for help on a 4 years old thread most likely won’t get a proper reply.

[QUOTE=jundel;2574810]you dont give me driver for fujitsu n11743 driver[/QUOTE]

Dude, DRIVERS come with the OS!!