Quality of Fujifilm DVD+R DL?



Does anyone have any feedback on this? There’s a sale at Bestbuy for this media and I’m wondering how they compare to Verbatim (which is the only brand I buy). After a zero percent success rate with Memorex double layer DVD’s, I’m quite hesitant to make any backups with anything else.



According to videohelp.com, the fuji’s are either Ritek D01’s or Ricoh D00’s.

I would avoid these as I assume the Memorex’s you had were Ritek D01’s. You could expect similar results from these disks unless you can distingish the Ricohs from the Riteks (made in Japan? I’m not sure. I’ve personally never seen MIJ Fuji +R DLs).

Even so, the only +R DLs which are recomended are Verbatims.


This topic has been discussed before.


Please post media questions in the blank media thead from now on.