Quality of DVD Drive?



I got a DVD drive from Radioshack a while ago… it’s a external I/O Magic USB DVD+RW drive.

Tell me… was this a mistake?


i dont know, was it? is this a trick question ? :slight_smile:


Erm. Not a trick question.

I burnt several DVDs with DVD X Copy, and all DVDs I burnt was on Maxell DVD-Rs and just about all of them has ONE or more occurence of getting stuck while watching, and jumps to a later point in the movie… When I rewind, the stuff is THERE.

The skip part, from what I know, is like a jump point to go to a later part of the movie. Can’t figure out why this is the case. Maybe its a software issue? Or a drive issue?


download nero cdspeed www.cdspeed2000.com (unless you have nero and its in the tools folder) and run the transfer rate test, if you get a nice curve it means your drive can read the disc fine, if not you have problems, have you got any other brand of discs to try?

please post the result of the tests


Sorry to sound so newbie-ish… but which DVD? The burnt one or the original?
And I don’t have any other brand of discs to try… as I said, I’m pretty new at this.


well the one thats causing problems, you want to scan the disc that is giving you problems to see if it is infact the disc or a different problem, is the original causing problems aswell?


right now, i’m running the test… just before 1.0 on the graph, i note a SHARP but short drop in the curve, as well as between 1.0 and 1.5, i see 2 sharp drops.

bad? I’ll post the pic in a few for you to see once its done.

EDIT: this is the burnt (problem) DVD


Okay, here’s the result. FYI: I got a error