Quality of current choices of popular DVD/CD burners?

I was last here in 2006 when I had to return my dead BenQ 1620 I had purchased in 2005 for a new 1655. I am building a new rig and am looking at the current choices for DVD/CD burners. What I did was I checked the top drive sellers (mostly SATA) at NewEgg which were about 9 and then also the readers choice which were about 3. Then I read some reviews on CDRInfo.com which I had found to be very good and helpful back in 2005. Then I checked out some of the discussion on here. First I am very sad to see the demise of the BenQ drives. Second, is it just me or does it seem like the overall quality of these new drives is mediocre compared to the “golden age” a couple years with really high quality BenQ, NEC (, and LiteOn?) drives? If that’s the case I’m going to scour the internet for older drives since the new mobo’s come with at least one IDE cable. . . :sad: :eek:

The other thing is the unreal low prices of a lot of these drives. The only drives which were in the $70 range on NewEgg were the Plextor’s (and a Pioneer) and those I am not even certain of the current quality. I think I have more research and review reading to do.

Thanks for any feedback!

Pioneer 115 for IDE / 215 for SATA

Optiarc AD-7200A (IDE) or AD-7200S (SATA) or their LightScribe/LabelFlash equivalents :bigsmile: