Quality of converting mp3 to wav

Hello there
Greeting from Oman
I’m a Soundtrack Fans, and have a lot of lot of Original CD’s.
Nowadays, I’m downloading for the Net MP3 free files, some of the are 192 kbps and some 320 kbps.
And have a Stereo Hay Hi Fi System, with only wav CD player .
My initial quit ions is : Is there any initial deference between decoding/ converting MP3 192 kbps to WAV or 320 kbps to WAV ?
Will both sound QUALITY WISE be the same or not?
If is same why I should download MP3 192 files and west my time and my computer’s space ?
I some time feels that MP3 320 kbps convert to WAV is better than 192 kbps !
I want someone to conform me this information.
Another question is : which sound is better MP3 320 kbps, or MP3 kbps converted/decoded to WAV ? or they are equal ? 192 kbps will give you same quality in WAV, and MP3 320 will give better in WAV !
I don’t want to change my current CD player – I’m hap with it – but if the original MP3 320 kbps sound quality is better than converting it to WAV, I may thing to buy MP3 new Player >

Many thanks

Hi and Welcome!

since mp3 is a lossy format, the rule “higher bitrate = better quality” applies.