Quality of cheap media

Is it guaranteed to get error free burn most of the time if I always burn the CD at its specified supported speed, even when the media used is not so good?
If not, would decreasing speed a bit prevent the errors most of the time?

I know perhaps this is a stupid question but I can’t find a straight answer for it from searching the forums as in most of the test results posted the burn speed used was always higher than the one specified for the media. I can’t find good media where I live right now so I was wondering if some cheaper 40x media would be ok if I keep speed always at 40x or a little bit slower.

Suggest you read the media FAQ. The answer to your question is: test the media and see. Generally, lowering the burn speed will decrease read errors, but there is some media out there that is crap even at lower speeds.
And there are never any “guarantees”.

there are several different media that will currently qualify for “cheap” that are know to be very good media.


i recently had a “religious experience” type event, when i realized that i would-from-now-on buy taiyo yuden (sold by fuji around here)…i then promptly ‘killed the scotsman’…i’m now someone that has a broad knowledge of prices and decided on a price that i can afford whenever i have a need and i keep 300+ blanks. i use jewell boxes for the amount of protection they give.

and i’m a piker compared to some for what i have burned…but i will want these as long as i live. i expect i’ll be tranferring to blueray or ultraxray someday.