Quality of cdr burned photos



I made a slide show in Photoshop which burned a cd-r using Sonic 7.0. There was no option to fastest burn available. Pictures are lower quality than originals when viewed on computer screen and also on HDTV played through new p-scan Sony DVD player. Is there any way to get better quality pictures to the HDTV? Thanks for help.


i use Nero Burning ROM fro burning Slides Phto and the qualith when shown in HDTV is very commanding.


Right-click the images and give us the info for the original and the slide-show pix. Interesting would be the data size (KB or MB) and the image size (pixels x pixels)


When you made the slide show, did you have a set of project definitions?
It may happen that the application defaults to 4x3 picture quality (measured in pixel terms, depending on you tv system) and you need to specify the project to be compiled and produced using the HD screen definition (19x9 and screen picture count).
Only this way you can get the maximum from your slideshow - and this will depend if it is just HD (720p) ready of full HDD (1080i or 1080p).
Keep in mind that an average/good PC screen uses higher definitions than 720p.