Quality of burned DVD better than pressed DVD?

Just for fun I have check the quality of a few pressed DVD. I’ve use the following DVDs for the Q-Checks (all German Versions):

  • Die Another Day [Special Edition]
  • Forrest Gump [Special Collector’s Edition]
  • The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring [Platinum Series Special Extended Edition]

And I wonder what the Q-Checks shown me! Meantime the most of us burn DVDs with better quality! Therefore the question, is it really necessary to have PIE under 10? Is that not only a mania for qualitiy?

Here the results for “Die Antoher Day”:

The results for “Forrest Gump”:

I get the best results with “The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring” first Disc:

For comparison a Scan with a burned DVD:

PX-716A, TLA#0304, FW1.06
Verbatim DVD+R 8x [MCC 003 00]; Prodisc-made MCC
Made in Taiwan, 25pk
Burned@8x, PR on, AS on

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This is an extremely interesting fact!!
I must admit that I haven’t yet thought of comparing pressed against burned DVDs. I only have one scan of a pressed DVD, and it’s indeed worse than many of my burned ones. I thought it might be an exception, because I even had problems with that DVD in my DVDROM drive, but according to your results it seems that it’s quite normal. :slight_smile:

You really made me sleep better! :iagree:
I’ll scan some pressed DVDs myself, and if the results are interesting, I’ll post them here. :slight_smile:


Why does nobody use PxScan/PxView instead of the PlexTools? The resulting images are much better, IMHO. :iagree:

Heh, you discovered what I already did some four months ago. Back then there was a dispute among some guys (not in this forum) whether a PIE value of 40 was to be considered worse than one of 20 (respectively which of the two burners involved was crap and which not :slight_smile: ) Out of pure curiosity i did a scan of a pressed DVD an lo and behold the results were way worse than the results in discussion. When I then proposed the two ‘contestands’ to do a ‘reality check’ and do a scan of a pressed DVD for themselves the argument over PIE values rather quickly ceased.

Like burned CDs and DVDs also pressed CDs and DVDs need to comply to the relevant standard. Not being conform to the standards involved will cause errors, as simple as that. ‘Bad’ pressings sometimes happen and have been known to make disks totally unreadable or a least unreadable in some drives.

I think the lesson to be learned here ist hat scanning can help you identify (really) bad disks but one should not get worried too much by some not ‘perfect’ results.

This disc indeed causes some trouble in my Pioneer DVD-106S (one or two short hanger).
It’s a pressed DVD (Nightwish - From Wishes To Eternity).
The condition of the disc is almost perfect! It’s not scratched badly or anything!

Here are some DVD-ROM (Data) and DVD-ROM (Video) scans I did with an earlier version of PxScan.

[li]PCFormat - a DVD-ROM (Data) disc that came with a magazine[/li][li]Uncle Buck (NTSC Region 1) - A DVD-ROM Video Single Layer disc[/li][/ol]

Whoops! The Uncle Buck scan was done at 2-5x CAV speed.

Here’s the same disc scanned at 2x CLV:

@hwp: That is exactly what I think and the reason for this new thread. :wink:

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@DrageMester that’s a great Movie! Have been trying to buy The Great Outdoors. with John Candy but can’t seem to find it.
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Yes, I have seen Uncle Buck a million times (well… almost) - it’s one of my favourites. :iagree:

One problem might be that pressed DVDs are probably much more stable over the long term. So if you do not scratch them, the error rate in 5 years will probably be the same like today. With DVD-R, it is possible that your error rates increase after some time due to the inherent instability of the recording dyes over the long term, which is aggravated by high heat or humidity. Therefore I think that lower error rates are more important on burned DVDs, in order to have a certain safety margin for future degradation.
A nice reading in this context is this stability study for CD-R and DVD-R.

I’d return it for another one if it causes problems in a set-top player.

I have this DVD myself (Kinslayer :bow: ) and it plays perfectly, although my backup of it indeed has fewer PIE/PIF than the pressed one does. My (pressed) disc has another problem - there’s two copies of the same video on it. Perhaps it indicates the commercial pressing of this DVD wasn’t exactly top quality…

Get it here.


@chas0039. Thanks a million I have looked everywhere for that movie and figured finally that they wern’t going to release it on DVD. :slight_smile:


Hmm… seems that the quality of most pressed DVDs is quite good though.

  1. Lord of the Rings - Return of the King - Disc 1
  2. Terminator 2 - German Ultimate Edition - Disc 1

One more: Princess Mononoke.
Very good disc, except the one PIF=5.

Thus some people will consider the disc a coaster, if it were a DVDR disc…