Quality Of Aluminum Storage Cases

I am looking for an aluminum storage case and the reviews seem all over the board on the shops that I looked at. Some people love them and others say the quality is crap and the discs don’t fit.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these brands? Or does anyone have a link to a case that they are satisfied with?

JOe K.


Any recommendations?

I’m going to buy one tomorrow night.

My only advice is that I would try and see the cases beforehand. I managed to find some superb brown leather ones from a local store, for £3.50 each. They were brilliant, and I bought 6 of them. They haven’t been avaliable for over 6 months, so I bought some of the aluminium ones for nearly four times the price. The case itself is great, but the sleeves are a pile of crap. They have raised/straight edges which mark the disks, and they are too tight to get the discs in and out of them. I have ended up modifying/cutting some of my old sleeves, and then inserting the plastic rod/bar into where I have cut:

That being said, the cheapy boxes I bought first of all had the best sleeves. Really annoyed that I spent so much on these alu ones which have awful sleeves :frowning: