Quality of a dvd copy?

this is my first message.

I want to know if there is a software that could analyse the DVD (a copy of a DVD movie) ; the output must be like at 95 % this DVD could be watch on any DVD player. The must important for me is the speed I don’t want that this analyse exceed 2 minute maximum.

right now i sometimes use DVDShrink (at the beginning when i open the DVD ) not with the bouton analyse (it takes almost 10-15 minutes too much for me).

thnk you in advance

If I understand you correcty, you want to shrink your DVD copy by 5%. Run it through shrink but turn off “deep analysis” which is not necessary for such a small reduction in bitrate and set the output to 95% of the original size.


What i really want is a software that allow me to analyse my DVD within a maximum of 2 minutes, not more.
analyse is to check whether my dvd copy is good to be played on a different dvd players.


Sorry but there’s no software or test that can do that. :disagree:

Further, whilst disc quality scanning programs provide some sort of guide, they are all only relative anyway and ultimately the only test is the one that matters - does it actually play properly on your stand-alone?

And the only way to test that is to play it. :slight_smile:

Further to what philamber said, scanning utilities will only test the level of errors reported by the data drive you are using to test the disc. They will not provide any indication of how compatible the media is with your stand-alone player. Also media brands switch manufacturer now and again making recommending certain discs a minefield. For that reason, no DVD media manufacturer ever guarantees their discs to play in particular stand-alone players.


the only way to “guarentee” the compatibility (notice the quotes) is buy a very good, quality brand of media. Thats the closest you can get to predicting it.