Quality Meter

I’m kinda a newbie with clonedvd. I was just wonder, what is the lowest quality you can go on the meter before you actually notice a difference when watching the movie.

It depends on who is watching the movie, what they are watching, and what they are watching it on. :iagree:

DJMind is right, depends on a lot of things. Personally, I have gone down to 53 per cent and it came out good on my regular TV. Best thing to do is burn to a RW first to see how it looks, then burn it if it looks o.k.

Normal Tube TVs have a screen res of 640x480. The more common resolution ranges PC’s use nowadays are almost, exactly or even more than twice as wide and high. DVDs seem to generally utilize a very sharp 576i resolution. I often use Cyberlink PowerDVD DeLuxe to watch my movies. DVD movies are shown in 1024x576 or some 800 res. So I’d guess that a DVD movie is around twice as sharp as minimally needed to display sharply on an ordinary Tube TV. I ripped and burned a copy of one of my movies with 52 % quality and when witnessed on my tube the difference in quality was minimal, slight at the most.

All NTSC video is 720x480 resolution, at 30 frames per second, not 640x480. PAL video (in Europe and many other countries) use 720x576 resolution at 25 frames per second.

The video on the DVD is encoded at the same resolution, depending on if it is PAL or NTSC.

The quality meter will change the compression level of the MPEG2 on the DVD, and has nothing to do with resolution. Raising the compression will cause more “blocky-ness” , which tends to be more noticeable on larger televisions. If your watching your DVDs on TV’s that are 36 inch or smaller, you can generally get away with higher compression levels. If your watching on large televisions, try to get as much quality as possible because it will be more noticeable.