Quality Media for Benq 1655

What media will have the highest quality and useability years down the road …

It doesnt have to be 16x, I just want something that will be functional for a long time

I will probably buy from rima unless otherwise noted


Personally i’d use TY, Verbatim or genuine Maxells. But if you order from rima you’ll be fine with the Yudens.

Maxells… Hmm. I’m still annoyed because of their MIJ labeling issues, and I bought 25 Ritek G05s for an expensive $17.
Anything MIJ (TY/Plextor, Maxell jewel-cases??, Sony MIJ, Fuji MIJ, Verbatim MIJ, Panasonic MIJ, but not smaller brands like Unifino or Kitano) should be at least good quality.

I had the same problems with Maxell, but i got some Ritek R03.
So i’m very carefully now when i’d like to purchase Maxells.

One of the few ways to determine 8x Maxell’s, at least in the UK, is they’re packaged in jewel cases in a cardboard box holding 5, whereas the Ritek’s are shrinkwrapped. Personally I’ve given up on them - try and use Verbatim 16x and Taiyo Yuden if possible as you can be certain of what you get. And as kg_evilboy stated, most genuine MIJ media is very good.

With the 1655, you’ll be good with anything from [B]Verbatim[/B] (except the “Pearl Whites” -R that must be avoided, the +R “Pearl whites” are OK but not top-notch), [B]Plextor[/B], or [B]TDK[/B] (except the 16X -R that are not always as good as they should, the 16X +R are fine).

Also unbranded Taiyo Yudens that you can buy online, I recommend the +R 8X (YUDEN000 T02).

The Verbatims (the ones with MCC codes, not the “Pearl whites”) do better in accelerated aging tests than the Taiyo Yudens, make of this what you will…

Assuming the 1655’s burning abilities are comparable with the 1650 then anything from TY, to Verbatim, to Maxell will burn beautifully and hopefully have a good shelf life.

I even get good results from less popular manufacturers such as Optodisc and ProDisc, even under brands like DataWrite and RiDisc. How these discs stand the test of time however, remains to be seen.

As to your burns being usable in years to come, the recomendations so far will give the best chance of this IMO, but who knows? DVD±R hasn’t been around long enough to assess true longevity.

As well as media, I would also think of the storage conditions and how you handle the discs. Cool, dark, low humidity, handle carefully and by the edge/centre hole.

As so many discs sold under the Maxell brand are not Maxell-made and can often be Ritek, and the indication “Made in Japan” on Maxell packages can not be trusted, I don’t recommend them anymore… :frowning:

Only the Maxell “Pro” line can be trusted as being genuine Maxell media. These discs are top-notch but are pricey and hard to find.

Things are more simple with the TDK brand, they’re either TDK own media (all excellent except [I]recent[/I] TTH02 that can be disappointing), Taiyo Yuden, or [I]premium[/I] CMC (no problem with these in Benq drives). There are no Ritek-made TDK discs. :cool: (as yet… let’s hope this doesn’t change :doh: )

I just bought 2X50 spindles of TDK 8X+ that turned out to Yuden000-T02-000, I took the chance because the cake box was the same as the Taiyo Yuden cake box and it said Made in Japan on the label. They had TYG-02s also, 14.99 each on sale.@ CompUSA.

Thanks guys, I will take a look at Rima and see what they got … anyother online store you recommend

Alan, those TDK MIJ turned out to be Youden [ TY ], are these currently on sale in store and were all of them labeled MIJ

CompUsa had nothing but TDK made in Taiwan or Hong Kong so I did not get them

I also didnt see anything for 14.99 * 50

What about DL discs … I heard there are only a few quality choices in this area but I do not know which ones

No they were mixed in with the MIT but the Ty cakebox stands out like a sore thumb.

Very true. :iagree: I only buy Maxell media from particular online stores who quote a Maxell MID, and I haven’t been disappointed yet! :clap: The Maxell media (Maxell MID) I have used is branded exactly the same as the G05 media I have mistakenly bought in the past which makes it confusing for the lamen.

As you say, the only sure thing is the Pro and also I beleive the “Broadcast Quality” range, although both are rather expensive in good old Blighty! :sad:

I forgot that the +R 8X can also be MBIPG101 R04, and I wonder how on earth I could forget these TDK-branded MBI, as these are among the very best discs I’ve ever used! :doh:

and also I beleive the “Broadcast Quality” range
Most correct! :iagree: My memory definitly plays tricks on me… :o

Which DL discs should I be looking at?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Verbatim only - they are the best, period.

Ditto. :slight_smile: - the rest is too unsafe/variable/incompatible. A lottery, depending on your burner/firmware and the batch of discs. This will probably change in the next few months, but meanwhile, better play safe and use only Verbatim/MKM.

A 100 pack of 8x TYG02 [ - r ] is 10 dollars less than a 100 pack of 8x YUDEN00T02 [ + r ] … are the + r worth the extra money … I got no problems paying more if in fact they are better quality and will last longer

In my opinion, “last longer” is the point. YUDEN000 T02 look better in PIE/PIF scans than TYG02 but it’s no concern of mine, the TYG02 results are excellent enough.

But YUDEN000 T02 behaves better in accelerated aging tests than TYG02 does, so it could be more stable in real-world, depending on the storing/climatic conditions. Also personally I’m under the impression that Taiyo Yuden doesn’t use the same polycarbonate (at least not for the data side) for both discs, as T02 seems to be more resistant to scratches than TYG02 is.

I guess that anyone being careful with his/her discs, having a good storing system and no extreme climatic conditions will have no problem at all with TYG02. I have none! :slight_smile: [B]EDIT[/B] (“none” refers to “problem”, not to “TYG02”: these I have aplenty :bigsmile: )

If you really want tougher discs, you can consider the Verbatim 16X +R (MCC004) but I know that they’re more expensive in the US…