Quality Lost with Shrinking?

Is quality lost when you shrink a dvd? :o I want original quality, and would like to keep it on 1 dvd. Open Range is about 7.4gb just for the movie :eek: My copy is a bit beat up and i wanted to burn a copy before the dvd gets soo abused i have to buy a new one. thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Yes, of course! If there wasn’t any lost of quality, why would companies use dual layer discs, instead of single layer? If you don’t want to lose any quality, I recommend taking off the unneccessary features, such as special features and so on. You should remove like additional languages, and only keep one main audio, such as dd 5.1 and delete the rest. Use a program like dvd shrink, or if u want clonedvd.

My best tip would be to try and experiment with it yourself, u will learn quicker and better in that way.

Only way to keep the original quality is to split into 2 dvd-rs

You will lose out on quality, but for the most part, you won’t even notice… I’ve compressed movies with shrink at 65% and it is BARELY noticeable at all, even on a 60" rear projection lcd. Some movies are just inflated to begin with (ie. superbit released) and compress a whole lot safely with very little quality loss, the size of the original movie isn’t a great indicator of how much your srhinked copy will be… If you’re using dvd shrink run deep analysis, it does help for those movies you need to compress a whole lot.

As everyone has said, quality loss is inevitable. But if you want to get the best possible quality copy, you could try DVD Rebuilder using CCE. It’s generally acknowledged as the highest quality encoder out there. Might be too complicated or time consuming for every backup, but if you really want a pristine copy of a visually stunning, epic drama (or whatever floats your boat) it’s worth looking into.

My apologies in advance for digging up this old thread and for this very newbie-ish question, but I’m new to the world of DVD transcoding (i.e., I haven’t done it before :o) and it’s all so overwhelming! :eek:

I’m leaning towards using Shrink because it’s freeware. The only large this-vs.-that comparison I’ve found is at dvd.box.sk, and they basically said that Shrink stinks (even with deep analysis) and that InterVideo’s (veeery expensive) software is much better. However, they were using an old version of Shrink, and I’m seeing a lot of Shrink support here at CDF. So I’m guessing that as a result, it’ll be safe for me to disregard what dvd.box.sk says about Shrink being sub-par when compared to most other transcoders? :confused:

TIA! :slight_smile:

Absolutely, forget the tests, the only true tests are the one you do yourself. We all have different requirements/expectations and different playback equipment. Unfortunately most published tests I’ve seen tend to be somewhat biased. Ask who funded or initiated the test as well.

The general concensus is DVD Shrink is one of the best, if not the best, transcoders around. Try it, if you like its output stick with it. If you dont, then try some of the others as most have fully funtional demos available. The new DVD Shrink 3.2 has even got better quality encoding as well.

If none of them satisfy your needs, then go to best encoder, CCE. CCE can be used by DVD2SVCD for movie only or ReBuilder for the whole dvd backups. ReBuilder can also use free QuEnc encoder and still get better results than all the Transcoders can ever achieve.

Just my 2c worth.

Amatuer! :bigsmile:

no seriously Code give me a message on messneger if you need help i use shrink all the time and can help you in anything you need…

Shouldn’t that be “noob”? :eek:

QuEnc>all transcoders? Wow…Chickenman where did u get that from? I think that dvd shrink is better by a little bit but can u prove that Quenc is better?

First of all I will ask have you actually tried QuEnc ? If not, why not?

I tend to use my old favorite movie, The Matrix for my testing as it has lots of action, non-action, smoke/mist and dark scenes. I have not run it through the latest Shrink 3.2 yet, but QuEnc via RB give a non pulsing nor pixelated picture compared to Shrink 3.1 or DVD2One 1.4. Proof, sorry I dont keep the encodes or pictures.

i’ll take ure word for it