Quality loss with convertion (DVD to editable format to DVD)


As you can see, I know my place on the cdfreaks website :wink:
I made a movie and copied it to a DVD (*.IFO, *.BUP and *.VOB files) with pretty good quality. Now I want to edit this movie with pinnacle studio version 9 which can edit only *.AVI, *.MPG and *.MP2 files. So I converted the DVD files to the different formats (tried all) with “Easy DVD to DivX VCD SVCD Converter”. After every conversion the quality went really bad. I just want to

My DVD copie --> editable format (hopefully with pinnacle studio) --> *.MPG, *.AVI

with a reasonable quality loss. Can you say what I am doing wrong? Is “Easy DVD to DivX VCD SVCD Converter” a good choice ore have I missed a button what will improve the quality of the converted file, which file do I best use to convert to for editing (*.AVI, *.MPG ore *.MP2).

Ok, here’s the thing.

DVD’s are ALREADY in MPG format. :slight_smile:

But the VOBs aren’t easy to work with. So what you need to do is read one of the guides on VideoHelp or Doom9 about extracting the MPEG streams from the VOBs. That’ll get you started.