Quality Issues?! NO!



Well just went ahead and bought one (along with SATA serillel adaptor) and lo and behold I see a thread about quality issues!

Beari in mind the stock this site has might be upwards of 3 weeks old, does anyone think it’d have any chance of coming from the ‘affected’ batchs (Aug 2004?)

PS Are the QC issues sorted? Anyone’s recent purchases (manufactured in 2005) giving up and dying?


I’m using one of the dreaded Oct 04 Made in Malaysia’s and haven’t had any issues with it. I was in the same boat as you. I ordered one and right after I received it, I came across these QC issue threads. Since I couldn’t return mine to exchange, I decided to order a backup one (ended up being exact same Oct 04). Anyways, the backup is gathering dust unopened in it’s retail box. I love my Benq 1620. Sure, there may have been some QC issues for some users. But I think, by and large, that it’s any excellent drive. It’s neighbor - a Pioneer 107D- is dying of bordom. :slight_smile:


One thing to note, if the drive doesn’t work with the Serial ATA Adapter it’s probably because the SATA Adapter doesn’t work with optical drives so the best advice then would be to try it without the adapter in place and see if that works. Figured I’d mention it otherwise you should be in good shape.


Some heads up.
My Benq didn’t work with generic SATA adapters based on Sil chip (2 of them). It was recognized fine by BIOS but XP never saw it. Those same adapters worked fine with NEC 3520. Some of them don’t support UDMA/33 only 66 and higher, that could be the problem. I went a differnt route, removed one of the HDD’s from PATA and put it on SATA and BenQ on the freed up PATA.
Now I have 4 CD/DVD drives on 4 PATA channels and NEC on the SATA.
The onboard Intel SATA controller (ICH5 in 865 chipset) would not work with SATA->PATA->Any Optical drive, combination. Again recognized in BIOS but not in XP. However the Sil based SATA controller worked fine.


Darius: I have the Abit Nf7-S board. So onboard Silicon Image SATA controller.

I also have

NEC 1100A - iffy data cd performance though that’s settling down (LONG story of channel swappage/slavage etc…hmmm…did that sound kinky to anyone else?!). Doesn’t read VOBs/structure off domestic Sony DVD Recorder DVD-RWs which pisses me off. Also semi slowish burning.

MSI 8216(M?) - Old faithful. ROM but nice.

I have one free SATA channel. I was hoping to put the BenQ on it’s own but if it doesn’t work…the NEC work-much?! On the Serillel I mean.

PS I’ve got the Abit Serillel adaptor; any increased chance of compatibility?


I’ve never usd Abit Serillel so I can’t tell, however I’ve heard that the rev 1 of those was not compatible with IS7/IC7 series boards, even with hard disks.
Worst case scenario you’ll have to shell out anothe $15 or so for a generic SATA converter. At the end it’s all trial and error.
If the serillel works for you with hard drives, why not swap them to it and put BenQ on the regular PATA?


Could do… I think someone had a mini guide to installing XP on a HDD then moving that across to SATA and it still working.

There isn’t much mentioned, even in official media lists, of DVD-RWs supported. I’ve read about it’s poor slow speed results. I have compartivly old DVD+R 4x Maxell media alongside DVD-RW 2x (and even 1x!). Again from Maxell.

Would the latest firmware support better DVD-RW read/write?

PS In regards getting a retail/OEM drive; if something went wrong with the OEM you have to deal with the place you bought it from but if it’s retail you can contact BenQ direct. That’s the ‘deal’?!

Also didn’t realise IOMagic made these drives. Are they a ‘good’ company?



[b]Manufactured December 2004

Made in Malaysia[/b]

So…yay or nay?!


I think the murning about QC failures is overrated they produce tons of drives and i have seen those threads in all forums.
It can happen that a drive dies and others use them for years and nothing happens.
In case something goes wrong with the drive exchange it or rma it asap.
I cant speak for optical drives but foer hds its the same tons of hd are ok and then there are ones who are working 1year ok and right after that they die (had that more then 2 times now).


I’ve definitely had my share with optical drives as well. Had my original HP420i (NEC ND2500A) which died after 7 or so months of very good service. Had a HP CD-Writer that died after 1-1/2 years (this was a 4x4x2! that cost about $250 at the time…), an Aopen CD-Writer that died after 3 months, a Lite-On LDW-451S that was pretty much DOA, it kinda worked the first few burns… LOL.

But I still have a Lite-on DVD-Rom, Liteo-on CD-Burner that both work flawlessly and could plug them in and use them again if I pulled them off the shelf. I also have a few year old Teac 8x8x4 that was refurbished when I got it and that sucker still runs strong to this day. You get good drives and not so good drives and just down-right bad drives. It’s all a luck of the draw.



PS THe drive works via Serillel!

Had ot disable the SATA RAID ROM in the Abit’s BIOS (didn’t even realise the screen I’d seen for the last few months was in fact a RADI screen! I thought it only showed detected SATA drives…). Anyway, it seems all fine.

Indeed, already found it gives me more meaningful feedback on DVD-RW discs! They needed to be finalized and it indeed told me that (as opposed to the MSI “reads DVD- media” that returned, and I quote “shrug”!).

It’s accessing drives and all fine.

I’m going to install the Ahead NEro Sutie that came with it and see if I can jump straight into coaster/DVD making!

PS It has a B firmware; bearing in mind it came sans screws, cabling etc and only the install disc I’m pleasantly surprised! It’s the S9 variety.