Quality issues going from DV to avi to DVD

I have been trying to get my digital home videos onto DVD with a decent playback and so far the quality stinks. I transfer my digital video via firewire to my computer, then edit a bit and export using Showbiz or Windows Movie Maker to an avi file, and burn it onto a DVD using Record Now. When I play it back on my computer or tv the picture looks “pixely” and not as clear as the clear picture that I view when hooking up my digital video camera directly to the TV. Is this a software problem? I am using the software that came with my HP and there are a limited number of quality settings when exporting the video. I’ve tried the highest quality and I’m just not happy with it. I’d appreciate any and all help!!! Thanks!!

You say you use ShowBiz or WMM to edit and save as an AVI. How does the AVI play on the PC? You then dont say how you convert the AVI to DVD ?

If editing “only” means trimming and deletion of a couple of frames you can try a different approach (freeware except encoding) although I’m not sure if Showbiz or Windows Movie Maker reencodes the file when saving (most likely though) and if that’s causing your quality issues if it’s the conversion between AVI to DVD. You have to check the edited (the one you saved in Showbiz/WMM) AVI file to determine.

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First post on this forum. I am having a the same issues as KathG. I have Digital Video (DV on 8 mm) that I want to convert to DVD’s. I am currently using Sonic MyDVD v4 software and getting quality loss when playing the DVD’s back on a 57inch Rear pro TV. Picture is a little “fuzzy” and not as sharp as you would expect from a digital source. Capture is via Firewire port.

MyDVD 4 software allows 3 quality settings when capturing (Good, Better and best) which, from ready other posts, appears to effect the bitstream rate whan encoding to MPEG2 format. This software also appears to capture and encode to MPEG2 on the fly and then do another encode/clean up when you burn to DVD. Again I have no control over the compression/quality settings.

Can anyone recommend upgrading to MyDVD V5 (which supports capturing AVI file format) and hopefully allows better control of conversion to MPEG2 format? This gives a total end to end conversion in one software package. Not sure if this will give the best control over the end quality.


Should I be looking to break the process up into individual steps.
ie . Capture in AVI format (I could use Windows Movie Maker), edit while in AVI format (again WMM for minor edits) convert to MPEG2 format (not sure what to use here), author for DVD chapters, menus, etc then burn to DVD (use MyDVD 5)

I have about 20 DV tapes so Im looking for the best quality solution with any recommendations on steps/ and or software.

Thats sort of the best approach. I say Sort of, just stay clear of Win Movie Maker. I would suggest you check out Ulead VideoStudio or Pinnacle Studio for your capturing and maybe editing, cap & save as AVI. Then use CCE to encode it to MPEG2, either DVD2SVCD or The FilmMachine can do this for you so check out the Tutorial section. Then burn the created VIDEO_TS folder out with Nero.

Keep in mind that you need to buy CCE unless you like watermarks which is not an issue with TMPGEnc Plus 2.5.

Thanks People, will give it a go.


With TMPGEnc Plus, there is only a 14 day free trial, then it doesnt work at all unless you buy it.

If you only need it for a few files it’s still a better choice :slight_smile:

I am also having problem converting avi to DVD.

I used FireWire to copy from the DV port on the camcorder to the PC and the avi is perfect.
However on converting to DVD (usind Nero) the quality of the picture appears staggered or slightly jumpy. To be honest you only notice it when playing the 2 side by side (I connected both my DVD player and Camcorder to my television so it’s not a pc playback thing)

All the settings where set to high (100% quality), 25fps, etc. Is is just a fact that when you compress a 9GB avi file to 4GB of DVD file, then you aren’t going to get an idential copy?

I was hoping to burn all my home videos to DVD for 3 reasons:

  1. I can reuse the tapes
  2. I can play the DVD’s round family & friend’s houses without taking the camcorder
  3. I trust a DVD will last longer than a tape which could chew up (although had it happen only once in 4 years)

Thanks for your help,