Quality is important! But what factors

I want to create some CDs using it as backup. Some hardware forums seesm to suggest that storing important data on crappy CD is taking a huge risk. I.e the discussion of quality of CDs, their brand and made… etc…

However does the bunner matters?? Or has the technology in CD writer has gone pretty mature??

I had e-blue, a brand of CDr is very crap… and body have any ideas??

If your data is critical, it only makes sense to use the best media, Every drive has it’s own optimal combination of media and burn speed. mine is 48x Fuji, (TY), burned at 40x. (LiteOn-52x drive) Thanks to tools like CDSpeed, it’s pretty simple to test media on your drive and see what works.

every form off back-up is risky

HD’s can crash
tapes can damage or even break
cd’s can damage

if the data is really important burn it on two good quality cd’s. put one cd away and dont even look at it again. use the other one as regular back-up.