Quality HD metel enclosure, $20 from the Egg

I have three of these ; very good quality and cooling and this is a very low price.

What’s the bridge chipset?

i hate when enclosures have the brand or product name plastered all over them.

i also hate that i have a very toasty seagate sitting at the bottom of an equally toasty case right now.

i wonder what the odds are that i can spray paint the case without gunking up vents or anything like that…

oh btw, same enclosure available open box $11.99 free shipping. anyone have any experience with open box items from newegg? is it just like asking them to send something broken or is their QC usually on the ball?

Not too shabby, I had one of these cases, gave it to a friend. I was running a WD 250GB HD, but it got too hot, so I sprang for an AMS VENUS enclosure, the enclosure is almost silent, and the HD only got warm.

Pricey, but worth EVERY penny, mainly since I only use Firewire for external IDE.

I think they basically resell anything that is returned (that they do not send back to the manufacture) as open box, without inspecting it at all. I have heard of someone getting a motherboard that was cracked in half (not a hidden crack, quite visibly broken in half), and someone else getting a motherboard where the caps were seriously swollen and oozing stuff all over the motherboard. They also only guarantee the main part to be there so an enclosure could be missing the power pack etc. They don’t even check to see if all the parts are there. I have also heard of people getting stuff that was in pristine condition with all accessories, manuals, warranty cards etc (couldn’t tell it wasn’t new and it worked fine). I guess its just a gamble (it will cost you shipping if its bad or missing stuff/damaged). I think they are pretty easy about returns of open box stuff but you only get 15 days.

Read their policy at the end of the page.

thanks ripit. i know their customer service is great and they’d replace anything within their policy (and sometimes go beyond their policy). even though they handle it well, it’s still a pain in the ass to have to return something.

$20 is a great price for that. I’ll skip the open box i think :slight_smile:

Be aware that metal enclosures are supposed to run hot. This means that the metal is transferring the heat from the drive to the exterior of the drive.

And I give myself a :doh: for the misspelling in the title.

And to the painting question above, this thing will be simple to paint as the panels are thin and totally removable. Any spray over would be easily removed with a pin.

awesome! new art project on the way!

Sorry, can’t tell. The only things on the chip are numbers.