Quality DVD+RW

As a relatively new convertee, who now uses YUDEN000T002 for his single-layer needs and MKM001 for his double-layer needs, what kind of DVD+RW media would you folks recommend to a guy who doesn’t like to mess around?

Verbatim would be an excellent choice. :wink:


Link to a recent thread :wink:

In addition to Verbatim media (the 6x -RW is probably the best of them) I’ve been using Ricoh 8x +RW and these are going very well. MID is RICOHJPNW21.

Same here, and it is true. The 6x DVD-RW from Verbatim is King.
BTW, anyone tried them to burn at 8x with a Samsung??

Does Samsung support 8x DVD-RW? Didn’t know that, this would be a reason to buy a Samsung out of curiosity :iagree:

What does the 6x ones look like…what bout the 4x or the 2.4x ones? Inferior quality?

There is no 2.4x speed for the dash (DVD-R) format, only some BenQs support DVD-R(W) @ 2.4x due to a firmware bug, with horrible results.
6x Verbatim DVD-RW is the best “higher speed” RW media out there at the moment :slight_smile:
4x and 2.4x/2x RW media… I’m not sure.

^Sony S11 MIJ 4X +RWand MKMA02 +RW both work fine on my 832S and 1640.

Even MIT SONY S11 is very nice media :slight_smile:

Yes, check this out: http://www.geizhals.at/deutschland/a212945.html