Quality DVD+R DL

Now available at Frys Electronics, outpost.com and other stores. :slight_smile:

PHILIPS DVD+R DL is also an option. It was previously MKM001, but they could now be using primarily PHILIPSCD2 DVD+R DL media?

Best + Cheap doesn’t seem to go together. :slight_smile:

Those jitter levels don’t look very good…

Hmm I don’t think that this poll was done well.
Why first we have a lot of ritek media branded under different brands.
Second we have Memorex who first used ritek but now switched to Philips CD2 code(made by CMC). SO which on which memorex should I base my opinion the Philips stuff which works ok on most drives or the ritek media which still is quite problematic on some drives ?
THird no option for people to choose for Prodisc (who have made the first FUJI’s) or RICOH or CMC. (Which we probally will see here soon.)
So from the listed options I would choose verbatim just to be safe to get good media (in the end.)

Knew someone would bitch sooner or later :iagree:

Only reason i picked these specific DVD brands is 'cos there the only ones you can currently get your hands on in the UK, yes it is that simple . . .

Actually, all of the most recent Memorex DVD+R DL media has been RITEKD01.
PHILIPSCD2 was seen for a short while in the “Video box” style Memorex DVD+R DL discs.
But a recent packaging I have has all been RITEKD01.

original Ricoh DL media, RICOHJOND00 on LG4163B at 2.4x

another DL+9 media which is not listed in the poll and might just interest you guys:)

Digitank DL+9, MIT
This media is somehow not well supported i guess.
i will test again on other burners :bigsmile:

6x burning Verbatim DL MKM001 on my Pioneer DVR109(117)
last burn on the drive b4 i sold it :slight_smile:

5x burning of Verbatim DL on Toshiba SDR5372

Oooo INFOME D01 ! I look forward to additional results on other drives ! :wink:

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and the PIEs are way too high. Sorry but that is not a good burn.

ABout Memorex
Well the batches keep switching with memorex it seems.
So that makes it even harder.

Infomedia -> Hmm I know that thsi media was out there.
Lite On’s have a strategy in there firmwares for it.

It would have been nice if this criteria was there at the opening post.

But still then why is ricoh missing it can be bought in the uk check the links.


Verbatim DL in the UK? Cheapest? Where?


My DL story with Traxdata (RITEKD01) (with scans) can be found here:

first two was unreadable but nexts goes better and better :slight_smile: i`ll try next to see…

If it wasn’t for the major blips in the middle i would say they look very good indeed! Was wondering what disc you use Datawrite, RiDisc or other with the Ritek dye in . . .

Siswell can’t you read it says: Traxdata (RITEK D01)
hmm I really wonder what brand the disc’s are.

Ehh maybe traxdata ? Or is it my purple bunny brand. . :bigsmile:

That and he certainly wouldn’t be better off with the other labels as he will be getting the same manufacturer but he will then be dealing with the wildly fluctuating quality of E-net products.

Ohhwell Traxdata has it’s fluctuations.
And also there’s still BEST-MEDIA’s Platinum brand.