Quality DVD+R DL

Was wondering if anyone could tell me whats the best cheap DVD+R DL?
I know that Verbatim is the best and Philips stuff is quite good but as there nearly twice the price of some others wondering if anyone can tell if they’ve had good/bad experiences with them.

Please vote in the poll above or slag me off for missing some random brand which is obvious far superior to them all :stuck_out_tongue:

it is best to use Verbatim DL media (MKM001). others hav not been promising, and burn at 2.4x only.

Listen to raygay, he speaks the truth :wink:
Get the Verbs, they rock.

Ooooooh just spotted something interesting . . .

As i work for a computer parts resellers i have access to our product database and have just spotted something quite interesting:

“DVD+R/8.5GB 4xspd JC 5pk”

By the look of it is a 4x DL only other detail i can get at the moment is that its made by Imation, prices looks quite good to @ £13.76 before VAT and mark up pitty we got none in stock i would be buying them . . .

I did 3 verbatim’s this weekend and they all worked great(2.4x and dvd decrypter).What brand is that “DVD+R/8.5GB 4xspd JC 5pk”?

Didn’t know that imation made DL media.

Yep they do, only been on the market quite recently tho’ :iagree:
As for the 4x speed can’t get anymore details at the moment at all so sorry on that one . . .

The Traxdata DVD+R DL works great on my NEC-3520 burner. Don’t use this media on the 3500 because it will give you crap DVD’s.

Traxdata DVD+R DL & NEC-3520 are a good couple! I will post some pics later…

Check out hardwarezone, raygay has some… RicohD00.

thanx :cool:

We got a direct link as i can’t seem to find it?

Just got some Verbatim DLs from CompUSA. I hope they’ll work well with my Sony DRX-700UL :stuck_out_tongue: - I also saw Memorex DL - same rate ($19.99 for 3).

Traxdata DVD+R DL media
Burned on NEC3520
Firmware NEC 1.F3 (rebadged Mad Dog)
speed 2.4x
Burned with CopyToDVD 3

All of those brands are kind of moot as a number of them have the same manufacturer. (ie Memorex, Traxdata, Ridata and Ridisc are all produced by Ritek). I have to agree with the posts above though. Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemicals) seems to produce the best overall results for D/L media.

they look good scorpio.

Scorpio: Why does the ID say Ritek D01?

Traxdata DVD+R DL
Media code/Manufacturer ID RITEK D01
Media Product Revision Number 01h
Free Blocks 4253024256
Free Capacity 7.96GB(8.55GB)
Book Type DVD+R DL
Media Type DVD+R DL

dual layer discs at fry’s go like this

memorex 3pack 19.99
verbatim 3 pk 24.99
fuji 3pk 29.99

still a lil too rich for my blood

Overhere (ddvd.info)

Ridisc 4.45 euro (not good)
Traxdata 4.75 euro (that’s the one I use)
Verbatim 5pk 37.95 euro

I got 4 fry’s down here and the prices are the same as up there except we don’t have memorex.Always look at amazon.I get a 3 pack there recently for way cheap.

The Verbatim are the best ones (ID: MKM001). And you can now find them in several shops for 6,90 euros!