Quality DVD-R/CD-R Manufacturing Facility



I’ve read through posts on the site and I see ratings of disc brands and/or distributors, but I haven’t ever found anything that has tied the quality of a disc to a manufacturing plant. Our company is looking to purchase 200k or more DVD-Rs (and the same or more CD-Rs) direct from a manufacturing facility. We are interested in getting a good price, but want to ensure we get good quality. Has anyone ever tied information about a type of disc to a manufacturing facility? Any leads would be great. Thanks.


Taiyo Yuden makes some of the best media out there. I bought some of their own branded CD-Rs (“That’s” brand – made and sold by TY) while I was living in Japan, and there is an address and phone number on the back:

Taiyo Yuden Kabushiki Kaisha (or Taiyo Yuden Co., LTD)
Ueno 6-16-20

TEL: 011-81-3-3288-4321 (this will work from the US)
03-3288-4321 (from Japan)

I have no idea what you will get with this address and number, but it is a start. If you call, be prepared to speak Japanese… :slight_smile:


Thanks. That’s a great start. They’re on the more expensive side, but I know they have great quality. Does anyone know at what plant Pro-discs are made?


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i couldnt agree more, the Arita jpnr01s are orsome just a shame they don`t seem to do a printable version.


Personaly, I’d stick to Taiyo Yuden myself.



Hi dguiver,
Can you please tell me whether you require only DVD-R?. What kin dof brand you are looking for. I’ve some few contacts in some of the manufacturing companies.


If you’re in the UK then I’d point you in the direction of www.e-netdistribution.co.uk

They are the distributors for brands such as Datawrite and Ridisk which get a very good name here. I’ve been using the Datawrite Titanium disks myself for a while now and am extremely happy with the quality of the physical disks and the compatability of the dye for different applications.

Risisc Extreme, as far as I know, is also a new line that Enet are shipping, which is said to be more compatible with Xbox and PS2 than the previous Ritek dye disks.