Quality DVD Media - Good DVD Drive - That's Sound Advice

There is nothing more complex that trying to solve an issue that is a compound of several problems all on top of each other. Fortunately I found the answer to some of my issues on this forum; “Use Quality Media” (thankyou to all concerned). I also found heaps of data on media including the following advice which makes a nice summary: http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm

I was using RiData DL media and only getting a 50% success rate. I now intend to use Taiyo Yuden; but, dont have enough data to give a success rate yet. Price can’t be ignored completly.

Less important but still a show stopper is the quality of the drive, I am using an LG GSA-H20L & LiteOn LTD163D. My confidence in the LiteOn isn’t as high as I would like, I intend to replace it. Can anyone please advise of:

  1. Known bad media; and/or
  2. Known bad drives