Quality DVD cases at the best price?

I’ve been using memorex dvd storage cases which run at around 4 dollars a 10 pack. Whats an equivilent quality dvd storage case that i can be buying that is cheaper then the cost of the memorex cases. what cases are some of the guys around here purchasing.



I buy the doubles and store 2 movies in each.

x2, except i get the singles and store 1 movie in each :wink:

This is what I use


Nice & slim - yet good quality (IMHO).

These aren’t the highest quality cd cases but I have 200 of them. On a few the clear plastic wasnt cut in the right spot but I just use a razor blade to cut off the little excess. The plastic is also smudged in spots but it is not noticable unless the insert is a dark glossy color. My DVDs cases tend to get smudged anyway so its not a bid deal to me. They are also a little bit thinner than cases you would get on retail DVDs.

I am still satisfied with them and will continue to buy them. The only other ones I have used were from meritline and they were a little better quality but I hated the button to release the DVD from the case. It was just harder to insert/remove the DVD.

Go to Blockbuster and chat up the clerks who work Tuesdays. I’ve gotten about 500+ assorted cases over the past month. About 70% are Amrays of one kind or another. Another 10-15% are doubles.

Just be nice to them and you’ll find most stores are pretty cool about it since the alternative is just throwing them away.

I use www.supermediastore.com and can’t complain. Price per dvd case comes out to around .18 cents each. Go check’em out.

I just got a 400 disc holder and you never have to touch the disc again after you put one in. Not only does it hold them it also plays them. :smiley: Sony 400 disc DVD player. ( wife’s 300 disc Sony was full :bigsmile: )

what exactly do you say to the blockbuster clerks?

I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to tell them you are using the cases to store the movies that you copied from their rentals. :bigsmile:

i bought about 300 slim cases from here

they also sell on ebay for about the same price
real good cases for good price

I was in Sam’s Club the other day and found Memorex cd size slim cases in mixed colors for $10.00 per 100. Went back today and did not find them.

Tell them you are melting them down and making a Little Tykes play house. Good idea though…getting them from rental places. hmmmmm

Just ask them if they have any extra DVD cases. I lucked out and got the manager both times since some junior employees will be reluctant to give anything away without their bosses approval.

The first time I ever went, the manager said he had just thrown out about 500 cases in the nearby dumpster. Luckily, it was a ‘clean’ dumpster (no foodstuffs) and I cherry-picked some off the top. But at another store, the manager was very friendly and saved them in-store for me. Said he even did the same thing for himself and his buddies all the time. Now that he knows me by sight, he checks his computer for how large next week’s shipment will be. For example, at that particular store, they are ordering 300 copies of ‘The Grudge’ next week (god knows why that many people would want to see it, but whatever), so it will be a particularly sweet haul of swag next Tuesday :slight_smile: .

at that rate you could become a power seller on ebay:eek::bigsmile:

thanks! what time would be best to go on tuesdays?

The Blockbusters around me actually get their shipments late Monday. But apparently, it’s not the responsibility of the Monday night crew to process them unless the shipment is really small, so you have to wait long enough on Tuesday to give the staff time to remove the DVDs and inserts from the new cases and put them in their proprietary Blockbuster cases. For the first go-around, I’d check no later than 10 AM. If you have time, you might want to go on Monday night to see if they got a head start or just to get them to leave a note for the Tuesday guys saying not to throw out the cases when they finish.

I have also been getting cases from blockbuster. So far about 200 or more, sometimes monday nights the cases are available. I have found out that going on tuesday in the morning is the best because it’s usually a manager and it isn’t very busy at 10 am.

I’ve been getting them at Blockbuster for over a year. You don’t even have to be nice to them, but then again it’s a good habit to get into anyway. :slight_smile:

You’d think they would sell them for 10-25 cents each, but they just don’t care. All of the stores near me throw them away about 4:00-4:30 on Tuesdays, and they not only leave boxes of them up front by the door, they place them in the dumpster behind the store in boxes or clear plastic bags. I’ve never gotten dirty claiming my prize. One trip and you can grab a few hundred (if you need that many). I’d say I’ve gotten over a thousand in perhaps 5-6 trips. You also can come away with the actual glossy inserts you find inside many DVDs.

They also throw away the plastic VHS rental cases, so FYI.

I’m going to try blockbuster nect week. Great tip. I also just received my order from Meritline for 100 DVD boxes. 19 of them were broken. I still have not heard from them…tried for two days. The cases are pretty good quality though.