Quality differnce of a 8x and 4x burn?

i was wondering if it matters to burn things at 8x or less cuz i kno it can make differnces in cdrs. i know media quality is important too but i meant overall

I would say that burning at 4x on a 4x-certified disc is going to give you the best results overall.

It would appear that the maximum safe burn speed is 6x. A lot of folks complain they get bad quality burns at 8x. Seems its not worth the headake to save 2-3 minutes of burn time and get a disk full of errors. Stick to 4x and 6x and youll be fine.

The NEC burns so good with stock 2.06 firmware that there’s little need to worry about the increase (if any) in errors when burning at 8x. Stick to genuine quality media and 8x shouldn’t be a problem.


NEC ND-2510a (2.06 stock firmware)
Media Datasafe 8x -r (ritek G05)
Burned at 8x

I do believe this is not true, as IMHO it depends on quality or the media you use. For example, 1st one is a scan from Fuji 4x-certified DVD+R (RICOHJPNR01), second one a scan from Sony 4x-certified DVD+R (RICOHJPNR01). Both were burnt @8x, and I think they are VERY good!