Quality difference between ripping programs?

Is there any QUALITY difference between all these different ripping programs?? I don’t mean quality of the ripping program itself, but the quality of the transfer regarding lack of visual loss of detail and compression artifacts vs the orginal.

Has anyone done a comparision using the same movie (same size/length)?

Thanks in advance.

I think that the best one I’ve seen, when compression is involved, is still DVD Shrink. The Deep Analysis is great, and they do have a Quality Enhancement thing as well.

In the past, I have compared side by side over and over with different apps on different TV’s and monitors with standard DVD resolution (but not HD like 1080i or 1080p) and nothing looks as good - or at the very least no better - than DVD Shrink.

I have and been using DVD Shrink, but it hasn’t been updated for years. I am now trying CloneDVD with AnyDVD.
Someone else said ti really doesn’t matter what ripping program you use.

For ripping, I just use RipIt4Me or DVDFab Decrypter. But even though DVD Shrink has not been updated, it’s still tops in quality and has great features. I would not hesitate to use it.

I just made a compairison between DVDShrink and CloneDVD and the Shrink had way more macroblocking and false contouring then the Clone copy using the same orginal DVD.

Well I’ll be. I’ve never seen that, but good on you for doing a comparison. :slight_smile:

A. I wasn’t scientific by all means.
B. It was only one DVD
C. It was a 4x3 (as opposed to a 16x9 movie) Showtime series.

Probably not the best way to test, but that was what I was working on at the time.

Anyone else??


Always good to get more than one opinion. Ever go with the first estimate for a collision job or a house remodel?