Quality difference 1655 OEM vs Retail?

there are a few posts on this forum that would lead a person to believe the 1655 oem version is not as good as the retail version?? any truth to this or did these people just get bad drives ?

i know the front covers are diff, i actually like the more plain looking oem i think as far as that goes , but if the retail is supposed to be better id go that route.
i would think they would be the same , but what do i know :slight_smile:


My oem is outstanding and I like it. I don’t think it would be feasible or profitable to make good and bad 1655s. They are made on the same assembly lines and pass the same tests. I have several different drives both oem and retail and have seen no difference in them.

That is a very tough question to answer. Some people have had issues with OEM and some with the retail version. Best thing to do is keep an eye on thisthread, but it could go on forever with no definitive answer. I am very happy with my BenQ OEM 1655.

yea if its all the same I’ll save my ten bucks and buy some more disks with the money :slight_smile:

LOL according to that thread there are more bad retail ones than oem, but with the number of people that have posted on there its not real usefull, those numbers could just be the normal bad drive every once in a while. just the luck of the draw like everything else i suppose.

looks like i will just save the money and get OEM unless someone has some real info on differances… thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a warranty difference?

Is there any evidence that Benq thoroughly test each drive (burn quality scans etc.) and consign the inferior ones to OEM?

I think right now our samples sizes is too small to draw any kind of conclusions of whether one is superior to another. FWIW my retail benq is broken from newegg, and my rebadged IO magic 1655 burns better than my replacement retail 1655 running the same fw.

I have Benq 1655 from Tiger Direct and under Nero 7, Choose Recorder is showing is not support Cue Sheet lake this one from CDRinfo website, http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=16050&PageId=0
If any have retail Benq 1655 and Nero 7 conform this.