Quality copy

Hi, im sure this has been asked a few times , i read alot of threads ,about shrink, rebuilder … i use dvdfab, vobblanker, menushrink then load it on dvdshrink, , i need some opinions about quality . for instance if i end up with 20%compression is shrink the one to use or if its more like 60% is shrink still good. just like to hear some opinions. thanks

All you need to use is dvdfab dycrypter then open with dvdshrink.
Dvd shrink will do everything your other programs do. And for quiality, you can’t get
any better IMO. Just don’t compress any more than about 60% with shrink and use deep analysis and AEC. Will be much slower using these two options when shrinking but the quality will be about the best you can get with any program that shrinks movies to fit on one single layer disk. Just remember, the less you have to shrink the better quality you will get and the less time it will take.

That’s why recordable DL exists. :wink: