Quality Computer file backup burner needed



I am trying to find the best burner out there that will burn thehighest quality burns for data file backup. Also should I use DVD-R or DVD+R for data backup on computers? I hearda while ago that tyo yuden made the best discs. i currently have verbatum dvd+rs. i would still like high quality video discs also but i need it mostly for backing up computer files.

I was readin that a lot of people like the BenQ 1640 but other have had problems with it. is this one of the best to get for my purpose?

any info would be helpful.


The BenQ DW1640 is an excellent DVD burner, but the newer DW1650/1655 are just as good and much easier to find.

It’s true that Taiyo Yuden are some of the best discs you can get, but Verbatim is also among the best.

Whether you use DVD-R or DVD+R for making your backups shouldn’t really matter, as long as you use quality media.


Does BenQ do the scans also for PI errorsand all that?

Currently I have the Lite-On LDW-851S.


Certainly does. Jitter as well.