Quality check in CDSPEED


Asked this before in the ‘newbie’ section but i have some more info and i think this is a better place.
I burned a divx on a 32x speed Taiyo cd-r.

When finishing the cd i placed it in my Pioneer dvd/cd-rom player and did the quality check from CDSPEED. it ran into 410 errors.

When I placed the cd in the Lite-on writer and ran the same test agian it produced 0 errors.

Can someone explain this to me?

The errors’re read errors, not write errors. 410 is actually really small. Now sense CDSpeeds detects C2 read errors, not every time you run it will give you the same results. Make sure the bottom surface of the CD is clean, and try it again in the Pioneer, and you should see that there isn’t any error.

If I’m correct, each error that CDSpeed detects is actually each time that the error correction when to the C2 stage, and doesn’t distinguish between failed C2 error recovery and successful C2 error recovery.

There are several main reasons:

  1. CD Reader
    CD Readers that cannot read sectors properly will report errors.

  2. Operating conditions…
    … of inserted CD vary from test to test. I bet if you run the same test again and again, you will get different results every time.

  3. CD Writer…
    …did not burn CD in a way that is “agreeable” with CD Reader. Different burners make different “prints”.

  4. CD-R Media
    TYs that are being sold these days at low prices are just not that good (any more). I am seeing more and more errors with different burners burning TYs. I have two burners myself and a bunch of TYs.

  5. CD Speed
    How reliable this tool is anyway?

In city where I come from, most of the professionals switched to TEAC cd burners. Rumors are that TEAC is making copies that are most readable across different brands of CD readers, while using great variety of CD-R brands. A statement that will be very difficult to prove. Moreover, latest TYs are not getting along with TEAC, but it’s hard to tell is it a problem on TEAC or TY side.