Quality Check + 760a 1.04

hello everyone

i want to know why my 760A Plextor 1.04Firmware drive doesnt support Nero’s DVD-CD DRIVE SPEED Quality Check
Thx to all

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The Nero CD-DVD Speed utility does [B]not[/B] support quality scans on [B]ANY[/B] Plextor drive, with any firmware. For your drive you must to use the [I]Plextools Professional[/I] or [I]Plextools Professional XL[/I] utilities.

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:


thank you mod!

But why? Its very good tool, here in cd freak all uses this Nero tool to compare +++. Is there a thread explain how PlexQCheck works etc.?

See this post by Erik Deppe, the creator of CD-DVD Speed…