Quality CDRs exceed silver pressed CDs

I just posted the article Quality CDRs exceed silver pressed CDs….

According to Philips the quality of home made CD’s is getting better then CDs pressed in the factory. Philips introduces a new technology during the CeBIT next week. This new technique called…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1416-Quality-CDRs-exceed-silver-pressed-CDs___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1416-Quality-CDRs-exceed-silver-pressed-CDs___.html)

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Sweet! :r

i use philips from 97` when i started with burning great cds :slight_smile: still one of my favorite brands today…

Small remark: “…mean the blanc CDs get more expensive because…” is wrong … the dutch article says the CD’s are more durable (it’s just the recorder that changes, not the medium)

Check it out - This experiment has proven successful everytime so far. Use ECA (Exact Audio Copy) to rip your favorite Cd in secure mode. Normalize the waves to 98% -Then go get one of those Black Cdr’s {{Not Colored - use only Black) from PNY & burn the wave files onto the Black Cdr at 1x (which is what speed we use in the professional master recording world). Then compare the original to the 1x Black Cdr version. You’ll be amazed if you listen carefully. Keep the same settings on playback when “a-b” ing the 2 discs…I definitely hear a major improvement in resolution, Bass & over-all presence - …Try it. :slight_smile:

Fuck Philips and Fuck their Crappy CD-R(w) drives…