Quality CD-RW 10X USA?

where can i find QUALITY cd-rw disks for sale in USA
must be 700mb/80min cd-rw’s 10X

thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Verbatim should be availible over there as well I guess…and they are good quality.

Now that you mention it. I haven’t seen any 700MB CDRW’s floating around. You try Best Buy, Comp USA?

Best Buy has a 5-pack of Memorex 700MB 10x CD-RW online for $8.99 USD.

The last time I was there in the store was waaaay back when I picked up 2 spindles of Memorex CD-R by TY. I might have seen those CD-RW but passed them up because of where they were made (Taiwan)… or that spot on the shelf could have been empty, like the whole video card section usually is (with the exception of ATi). :wink:

I personally haven’t used the Memorex CD-RW 700MB’s, but have heard some bad reviews from others. But you are correct in that it is hard to find decent 700MB CD-RW’s rated at 10X. Most computer stores don’t carry them or only carry the Memorex.

I do remember finding a place on the web that had some Verbatim ones… try doing a search.

I was the one with the 80 minute, 4x cd-rw Memorex disc’s from hell.

2 more (total 7 out of 10) have failed.

I was looking at the high speed ones too. I probably should have bought them. Bought them @ BestBuy in Port Huron Michigan.

Ouch. :eek: The worst I’ve seen with mine is a just a few yellow sectors here and there.

The only 10x CD-RW on Verbatim’s site is a 650MB. :frowning:

(On the home page, there’s a link to Mitsubishi Chemical under worldwide sites. How about that! :slight_smile: )


Out of that entire product listing, they only have one 700MB disc, and it’s 2X/4X.

However, they’re clearly posted all over their Czech site…


I guess they’re not going to sell them in the US? :confused: AARRRGHH!!! :a