Quality CD Ripper Program..Suggestions?

Now that I have my BenQ 162I External drive burning dvd’s well with 1 Click Dvd Copy and Dvd 43 Free I want to get a very good, User Friendly Cd Ripper Program. (Not using their Software that was with the Burner)

Since I am new to all of this, I want to have a program like 1 Click Dvd Copy which I use my External BenQ as the Source and Destination for Burning.
Maybe all the programs do this and this is a silly description, however as I said I am new at this so I am simply trying to describe how I want the Cd Burner program to work.
And I simply want it to do cd’s not all the bells and whistles of dvd’s etc. and no creator or capture etc. like the software that came with the BenQ that caused me problems. The Burner itself is great.

I like to keep everything Basic.

Also, I know that I can use my Toshiba notebook as the source and the External BenQ as the Destination but I would rather not have that set up and as you all would expect very likely is I do this via Windows Media Player.
So my next question is, does anyone know of another Media Player Program that is better than Windows or are they all the same?

I am not necessarily looking for free programs. My 1 Click Dvd Copy was $59 and I love the program. :bigsmile:

I look forward to replies,



Hey Cleary…


Excellent program


Thx, but I want to just Rip a CD from source not download and compile to another CD or MP3’s.
I thought that my description of “Source to Destination” was pretty Clear>

I hope that other members look at this post and understand that I just want to Burn the CD (identical copy) and not compile!!! :bigsmile:

Regards :bow:

Not the easiest but one of the few superior rippers - and it’s free :slight_smile:

Hmmm - You ask for a ripper but somehow it sounds more like it’s Clone or Blindwrite youre after. If you want to save tracks to HD it’s EAC you’re after - if you want a 1:1 copy of a disc it’s Clone or Blindwrite… or such

For audio there is only one program which is also free EAC. No other program does what EAC can do. There are easier ones to use but after you set up EAC you will get the closest to the original that you can. No other comes close to EAC

Thx again for the replies.
I don’t know what you mean by the closest?

The sound quality?

I am looking for ease in use like the 1 Click Dvd Copy where I put the cd into the source Benq Drive and set the Destination as BenQ without changing around like I have to do with Windows Media Player and use my notebook as Source and the External BenQ as destination.

Again , I have no qualms about paying for a decent program, like 1 Click Dvd copy is. :bigsmile:

I hope that this is a little more clear.

And as I mentioned I was also looking for a cd media player other than Windows that is good.

Regards :cool:

Yes, I do mean quality. It takes time to set up EAC because EAC tests your burner to see how well it works. And there is an EAC forum as well as here that can answer any questions. Don’t be scared, it’s not that bad to set up just takes time to go through process.

As far as paying for a program, you can pay any amount of money for any ripping program you want and still never get the benefits of EAC that is free.

This EAC program, can I use the BENQ external as both the Source and Destination as I do when I burn dvd’s with my one Click Dvd Copy?

As I mentioned I don’t want to copy from my notebook to the burner.


Yes you can you just save to hard drive, they are all the same in that aspect.

Before you do anything with EAC, install the program and mouse click on EAC, than select drive option and go through each page, this calibrates the program with your drive to make sure you get the best possible reproduction. If you hold the mouse on each box EAC will give you an explanation of what the box means.

You can get it at their home page at http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/If you have questions about the program there are some very knowledgeable people here and at http://www.digital-inn.de/forumdisplay.php?forumid=14 Go to the English page unless you are good at German.

Good luck and remember that good things come with patience

Thx for the comment, so there is nothing out there like my one click dvd copy that doesnot save itself to the hard drive.

All I do when I burn a dvd is use the external benQ as the source and destination, when it finishes the first part with the source dvd the burner tray opens and asks for a blank dvd disc. Which I add and then finish off the burn and then it asks if I want to do another and then I act on that question and quit if I don’t want to do anymore.

Is that what you are saying that this program does? Or does the cd get saved to the “My Music” which I really don’t want to do.

Again as a Newbie this perhaps sounds like a silly question.
I ask it as I believe that the dvd source is not saved on my hard drive.

Sorry if this question seems mundane. Simply trying to understand the concept.



Do you mean an on-the-fly copy then burn. I personally avoid on-the-fly copying as it wears the DVD/CD-ROM down quicker.

I agree with EAC as the best Audio CD ripper. Exact Audio Copy 0.9 beta 4 available from here – http://www.ubernet.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=Files&file=ubertools including a .CFG file which will configure EAC for secure ripping.

Again appreciate your comment, as a Newbie…what is on the fly and why is it hard on the burner?

i am using the 1 click dvd copy as I mentioned in the prior post and I start by putting the source copy in my external and when that step completes there is a message that asks for a blank disc when the tray opens and I insert the new dvd that I am burning to and remove the source copy.
I guess that is what you call on the fly???

I need to know why this is not good as this is what all of my friends use and do and have been doing for a long time, and that is why I chose 1 Click dvd copy and it is this years platinum award winning program.

I am not an audio or dvd collector and thus would not be using the program and doing a lot of burning, i would be using it occasionally to give to friends and then forget about burning. I don’t download music etc. and don’t use a video or digital dvd camera.
I am a professional who would use this for occasional use when I decide I would like to copy a dvd or cd and I don’t intend to compile my own cd music as I did in days gone by on cassettes.
It is not my hobby interest anymore.
And downloading music is not my hobby; I love the outdoors and simply like to copy dvd’s and cd’s occasionally and use very good quality and user friendly programs to do this and not necessarily free programs.
At about every forum, everyone recommends a Beta of this or that because it is free. i was very pleased to see at ONE forum a discussion of the 1 Click dvd copy and its virtues!!! Since one pays $59 for it and I have more than 20 friends that have and continue to use it. I should say without their burners leaving them in the dust.

i like the 1 clcik dvd copy and that is all i am looking for in a cd burner program. I am not interested in Developing a library of Music.

I have an audiophile room with Quality equipment and that is where my interests in music are…not in the use of the computer to develop a library.
Goodness the family would say…enough is enough!!

I believe that explains my needs. I look forward to comments.


One click does copy to your hard drive, it may erase it when finished, but it does copy to a temp file somewhere on your HD.

Oh, I get ya now. You want software which makes ISO’s or some image of the CD or DVD. 1:1 copies.

I would suggest DVD Decrypter for DVD’s. While this software is free it is infact as good as software you usually need to pay for. Other companies have actually based their software on it, and sold the resultant program, which is sad.

Making a 1:1 copy of an Audio CD is however more difficult (especially if the Audio CD has other data on it). This is because Audio CD’s don’t have error correction, which, to cut a long story short, means your software needs to be able to re-verify/confirm that the audio has been copied to hard disk fully and completely. Exact Audio Copy is the only software that can do the main Audio part correctly – no errors. It may not completely keep the CD structure however.

If you’ve got an Audio CD with other data on it, EAC won’t copy this.

I suppose you could use software like ISOBuster of CDRWIN, but these have no easy way of re-verifying/confirming that your Audio is without errors, you’ll just have to listen to the CD after.

Here is another forum discussion (at Hydrogen Audio – top quality audiophile site) on copying Audio CD’s in their entirety, and even there, there isn’t a solid 100% accurate solution. It’s a recently dated discussion too:

EAC and CD-Extras/Mixed mode

ps - On-the-fly is when you copy a CD/DVD from one CD/DVD drive source and have that data etc incrementally burnt onto another CDR/DVDR etc, using another CD/DVD burner. No data, or hardly any data, is stored on the hard disk first, so this puts more strain on the CD/DVD equipment as they’re both being accessed for long periods.

This is excellent information and what I wanted to understand being a Newbie.

I will go to that suggested site and review the posts and again look at the program previously touted by other members.
Obviously it is a good program and that is what I am looking for and now I have a better understanding of “on the fly”.

DVD Decrypter was mentioned, the program that I use is DVD43Free, is there significant differences in these programs as the latter is used by my firends and was suggested to me.
I gather that no such program is necessary for cd burning?

Thankyou again for your patience with my questions.