Quality CD jewel cases in the UK?




Recently I’ve been finding it difficult to find high quality CD jewel cases in the UK. I’m looking for the standard size clear case with the black tray inside.

I don’t mind how much they cost, because it seems that the “high quality at low price” ones don’t seem to be high quality at all. Problems I’ve been having with them are:

[li]some of the cases are already cracked when I receive them[/li][li]the case cracks very easily[/li][li]the front lid comes off when I open the case[/li][li]the front lid is warped and so has to be pushed firmly in order to click the lid closed[/li][/ol]
I’d never bought jewel cases separately until recently. I always used to buy the Verbatim Super Azo CD-R’s with the jewel cases included, and those cases seem to be much better than the separate ones I’ve been buying recently. Is there any way to get cases of that same quality (or better) on their own?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.



[QUOTE=jacko9000;2058728] I’m looking for the standard size clear case with the black tray inside.[/QUOTE]

These are not what you mention but they are far superior imo


Your gripes 1-4 do not apply to these, they are made of Polypropylene + they have the advantage to shield the discs from light (which is detrimental to a disc’s lifetime) and they are most likely the most space efficient / least expensive per disc cases on the market. :cool:

They also have a plastic cover for inserts :iagree:


Likewise, if your definition of an old fashioned jewel case is not an absolute requirement, I would recommend these 4-in-1 polyboxes from Maplin.


That picture is out of date: what you actually get is a set of 5 semi-transulcent white polyboxes, each with the ability to store 4 discs, and like the post above, these have a film cover allowing you to make a custom insert.


Thanks for the replies.

Unfortunately, I do have to get the “old-fashioned” ones because I have several hundred inserts already printed for that type of case.

If anyone else knows where I can get them, please let me know.



I to have had the problem of getting good quality cd jewel case’s, the last two lots i got from svp most of them the black tray part was warp. It seem a shame there’s not one company that makes quality jewel case’s unlike dvd case’s where we have amaray who make very good quality dvd case’s.