Quality burner

Hey all. I know this has been asked lots of times, but I’m gonna ask again because in the older topics all these 2013 new drives didn’t exist, and I want an answer based on all drives launched so far.
Which drive has the best burning QUALITY? I don’t care about any PI report or nice tools or that it’s very old and rare. I just want to know which drive does produce the best burns. (I’m talking about best results on DVDs, not Blu-Ray).
Thank you!


Try to find a Sony Optiarc AD-7280 if u can, else buy an LG GH24NS95.

Hi cristyro,
If you can buy from okazii.ro, try to get some ASUS DRW-1608P3S and crossflash it to Pioneer DVR-111. Pioneer has very good DVD and CD burning results. Try also to get one BenQ DW1640 or rebadged version that can be crossflashed and flash it with BSRB and you’ll get one of the most serious DL burner. Also you will have a fast scanner.
If you can buy from amazon.co.uk or amazon.de try to get one LiteON iHBS 312 and you will also have a great DL burner and a very good bluray scanner and of course …a bluray burner :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I gotta replace my good old 1650… (no IDE controller on new mobo)