Quality budget CDR for general purpose burning?

Anyone got any recommendations for cheap, but quality CDR for general purpose burning?

Burners include a NEC-3500a, an old NEC-1300 24x CDRW, and a Lite-On SOHC-5232k.

I’ve seen a special at ChiefValue.com (100 blanks for $12 shipped: http://www.chiefvalue.com/app/productdetails.asp?item=17-132-399&CMP=EMC-M060605), but I think they are Ritek and I read a long time ago that these weren’t a great combo with LiteOn drives. True?

Ritek is the best CDR I’ve had so far, and mine were 12 bucks for a hundred. Go for it!

I read quite a while ago about some burners not liking Ritek cdrs.

Is this no longer true?

Are RiTek’s the same as Ridata? I’ve bought some 100pk’s before of the RiData’s from officemax and they were trash. The dye was actually missing on one spot on random discs at the very outer edge of the disc. It played the disc fine, but I’m sure over time it will get worse. Waste of money

That was a bad batch. I’ve bought 200 RiTek RiData disks and they are all good. They burn well and they’re dirt cheap. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, though, Taiyo Yudens are the best money can buy (maybe second to Mitsui Gold, which are really pricey).

How compatible are the Riteks?

Like every optical media, there’s variability among CDRs.
Ritek makes Ridata branded media, and so far they’re among the best I’ve had (esp. Ritek G05 DVD-R! woohoo!!). Most importantly, buy from a reputable seller like rima.com, or from a store with excellent return/guarantee policy. Although everything from rima.com seems to be excellent, and you’ll not want to return it…


I have Ritek mid coded CD-R’s from TDK and Verbatim - and they have burned flawless at 32x on both of my 3500’s


I’ll have to look up the media code on the Khypermedia CD’s that I got FAR at Office Max last year. I’ve been burning them for over a year at 48x, and they are still going strong.

My KHypermedia CDs are made by CMC Magnetics. Pretty good media actually, although I’m not a big fan of CMC’s DVDs.

you can search on viking.com and find some good deals on blank cdr media. search this forum also and u can find the links you need for buy one get one free media from viking and a code for 20 bucks off a 50 buck order. i got 7 packs plus 7 free for 49 bucks. and you get free shipping for any order over 25 bucks

I have burned many dvd’s with most of them being RiTek and have had very few coasters. 1545 to be exact and just ordered another 300 from http://www.shop4tech.com so I am very happy with the RiTek’s…