Quality BDR 25gb for long time storage?

Wondering which manufacturer typically makes best quality discs for long time storage and abuse.

Not so much worried about write-read quality. But worried about quality of manufacturing process: glue, plastic layers, aluminum layer, types of materials, consistency, etc.

Basically want discs that keep working after 50 years or more after lots of humidity, shock-vibration from fast noisy drives, heat, cold, submerged in water, etc.

DEAL: Optical Quantum 50 pack 25GB OQBDR06LT-50 for $17.00 after shipping @ newegg.com http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817607061 . That’s only $17.00 for just over a terabyte after shipping. That’s a good deal compared to hdd! Hopefully dual layer discs will cost the same some time with consistent quality too.

How do SDXC cards compare to bluray? What if sdcards are kept in waterproof storage?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Long time BD-R leave you with basically two options only: Panasonic and M-Disc.
Regarding any kind of flash memory (USB sticks, SSDs, SD cards, etc.), they are NOT suitable for long time storage, because flash memory will lose data if not powered on on a regular basis.

Can you explain?

BTW anyone know about double sided BDr’s (25gb each side)? I know double sided DVDrs but not sure about quality.

Thank you Oinker! Tried to edit previous post but didn’t let me.

Sorry for being late :wink:
This french study showed that only Panasonic and Sony BD-Rs (of the tested BD-Rs) were suitable for long term storage. Now Sony doesn’t produce their own BD-Rs anymore, but use RiCrap, thus the only options are Panasonic and M-Disc BD-Rs.
It’s said that Panasonic unfortunately ended their BD-R production as well, so after that (and if noone took over their production of their MEI MID discs), there would just be M-Disc.

Regarding double sided BD-Rs, I haven’t seen any of those yet. I’ve seen double sided DVD-Rs, but they were too expensive IMO.