Quality BAR

I have been making copys of my Dvds now for a while with Clone DVD newest version and Any DVD newest version, i have not had a problem at all yet. I make my copys and usually try to keep the quality bar above 50 percent. And the movies come out looking great. Does the quality bar effect the picture or what does it affect. I just copied wedding crashers and i cloned the entire movie except for a couple previews. My percentage was at 55 percent and i played the movie and it plays and looks fine. Just wondering what level i should stay at with the quality bar or does it not matter?

I was told that you should stay around 80% or Higher and preferable burn at 100% Quality to a DVD+R DL Disc if at all possible. You wont see much distortion on a regular TV, but if you ever upgrade to a LCD or PLASMA HD TV you will see the digitization in highly compressed movies.

The quality bar is an indication of compression, or, how much the movie needs to be compressed, to fit on a single layer disk.
55% is not generally concidered to be very good quality, and looking at the bar you will see different colors to give you an indication of what is accectable.
I try to shoot for 80 and above, but I have seen other members say they won’t settle for less than 100, even if it means splitting to 2 disks or using dl media. Evidently, when viewing the disks on HD televisions the compression causes less than desirable results.
You can generally get your quality up by eliminating the extras that appear on most commercial DL disks. I generally select ac3/6 for audio, leave out the 2 channel stuff, as it is usually the director’s comments. Theatrical sound tracks use a lot of space as well, and my home theater system doesn’t support it anyway.
If you haven’t already done so, you should read the help section within CloneDVD2 from start to finish as it is very informative.
Hope this helps,