Quality bar; choosing "DVD+R9, DVD-5, Custom, etc."

I’ve always left it on “DVD-5” mode. Is what interests me is that if you select “Custom” you can enter your own capacity.

I’m brand new to this and have only done approx. 50 Taiyo Yuden DVD+R’s, writing at 16x on the majority—flawless results.

A Statement: isn’t it true that DVD+R’s contain approximately 4,700,372,992 bytes (i.e.,4.37756 gigabytes, 4482.6250 megabytes )

My curiousness: If I change the format to “Custom” and then input “4482” MB, compared to the normal DVD-5 setting, the quality bar percentage value decreases. In other words, it appears that format DVD-5 is larger than the “Custom–4482MB”.

Example: in the movie “28 Days Later” the percentage will go from 80% down to 75% AFTER selecting the custom format (4482mb).

To adapt to the media manufacturers (they write 4.7 or 4.85 GB on the package) and to make it easier for the customer, the “Custom” value has a number base of 10. A custom value of 4700 is 4,700,000,000 bytes.
This explains, why DVD-5 is larger than the “Custom–4482MB”.

Wow, what a quick reply. Thanks. You can delete this thread if ya like now.

Right after I posted my question I realized the “4700mb” thing. I was thinking, “Well, they’ve got it all wrong!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to “tweak” the program to, perhaps, write farther to the edges of the disc. But it seems you guys got 'er maxed out! I’m sure I couldn’t save any compression from 364kb! lol. Besides, cant enter a decimal value.

As a matter of fact, you’re right. But sometimes “wrong” is “better”.
It is impossible to explain to the average user, that the 4.7 GB on the package of his DVD media are not 4700MB.


I used the command prompt “dir x.txt” to figure out how large my written discs were. And found out, on average, I could write an additional 32 more Megabytes. But then I put in “4732” and compared it to “4700” and it only changes it one percentage point. Not worth the hassle. Besides, 32mb could be over the limit.

All is good.