Quality:3500 vs.2510?

Hi Noob here…Just wondering if there is a difference in dvd quality between the 3500 and the 2510? I am looking for quality over speed and have read different opinions on this topic,can anyone help?..Thanks!

As for DVD’s, they both seem good to me. I’ve had a 2510 for some months and now I have a 3500. The advantage of the 2510 is that there are speed-hacked versions of the firmware, allowing you to write many 4x media at 6x or even 8x speed, reliably! They will surely appear for the 3500 (8x media at 12x or 16x), but 'till now, I know of none…

The 3500 is known to be sensitive on CD’s. Despite the high max. burning speed of 48x, many media can’t be written any faster than 16x. I have a spindle of 52x Arita media at home. They’re not very good, but I have burned many of them succesfully at full speed in a 2510 (32x), LiteOn 32123S@40125S (40x), Teac DW224E (24x), LiteOn 24081 (24x) and some other drives. The 3500 allows me the max. speed of 48x, as expected, but anything burned any faster than 16x breaks half-way with some strange error message. Result -> coaster! The same 3500 has no problem with, also cheap, 52x Lifetec media, although Nero’s CD/DVD speed test shows some spikes, both in the blank and in the written media.

Check the sticky “burning speed and quality” thread for a few scans of mine with various CD media, you are exaggerating the pickyness of the ND-3500 as far as CD media is concerned Squirrel. The NEC actually loves Ritek CD media, as long as the media quality itself is good that is. You can’t expect it to do wonders if you have some B-grade Ritek media that is known for quality issues. I bought a 50pcs spindle of Philips 52x A grade Riteks for just 8.99 Euros from a local retailer here. Burning them at 48x with the ND-3500, the error rates are even lower than those of TY blanks burned at 32x (max.), and they are very low already. Same for Mitsui (48x max.) and Sony (32x max.) discs, and they weren’t expensive either (9.99 Euros a 50pcs spindle).

And even with the craptacular Infodisc blanks (16x max.), the ND-3500 had better results than the excellent Plextor Premium drive I scanned the discs with.

P.S.: I can’t understand why people still buy lower quality CD media when the best media there is is not more expensive anymore, at least not considerably.

I’m from the Netherlands, and blank media are relatively expensive here. I always bought the cheapest media I could find, did some speed and quality checks and then burned them as fast as would be wise. On my former writers, this was always the max. speed, except for a Sony and an Imation spindle, both of which where really crappy.

I’m just surprised that the 2510 allowed me to burn the Arita’s at 32x, where the 3500 won’t go any faster than 16x without errors. But as you said, I prefer quality over cheapness so my next spindle won’t be Arita again…

I’m not saying that everyone should buy HQ media only. My point is that the difference in price is negligible these days, at least over here that is (I don’t think that .nl will be much different, we’re both EU countries after all), so it does not make much sense to buy the cheapest of cheap anymore. CD media is generally cheap now.

DVD media on the other hand is different…

Cheap CD media are about €6,00/10 in slimcase, REALLY cheap (spindle) still not makes €8,99/50 as for you… The point is, here in the Netherlands every blank CD media has a €0,50 fee on it. This fee is for covering the copyrights of the copyrighted material that you COULD burn on it, even if you DON’T !! DVD+ media is the same, DVD- media is even €1,00 !!

I know that you have higher taxes over there, which lead to higher prices. Still, the difference between cheap / crappy media and good media should be negligible, since both have to pay those taxes, while the costs for the (high quality) media itself have decreased considerably over the last few months. Maybe you should start buying your CD media online, eg. from the dutch ddvd.info shop. They have quite a lot of Philips and Fuji CD blanks (most probably Ritek A grade discs), and the prices are considerably lower than those you mentioned, as can be seen here.

You see that Arita’s on top of the list? RIGHT!
I’ll take your advise (and my own experience) and buy A-Grade the next time. And I know ddvd, since I bought my last DVD’s from them.

But, to make clear why I was writing all this: I was NOT surprised about the quality of the Arita’s (it’s just what can be expected), but I was surprised that the 3500 is the only drive that has SERIOUS problems with them, the other drives tested, including the 2510 DON’T. Of course, I’m afraid the CD’s burned at high speed on these other drives are not very reliable, especially after some weeks/months time…

That might have to do with the fact that the ND-3500 is a fairly new drive still, while the ND-25xx drives have been out for a while. There is no official firmware update for the ND-3500 by NEC yet, I expect them to improve the writing speeds and burning quality for various CD media. If not them, inofficial firmware hacks could deal with that after Liggy and others finished tweaking DVD write strats, which have priority, of course.

I almost never use the ND-3500 for CD burning though, that’s what I have the Plextor Premium for. The ND-3500 is for DVD burning only, and that’s what it does best. I like the “best of everything” idea: Best DVD burner for DVD burning (NEC ND-3500), best CD burner for CD burning (Plextor Premium), best DVD-ROM for DVD (and CD) reading / ripping (Aopen 1648/AAP). A single drive can not be the best in all categories.

Yes, you’re right in that! I still have my trusty old LiteOn LDW-30123S@40125S and it’s doing allright, even with these crappy Arita’s. But I’ve ran out of IDE ports, so first thing on my wishlist is and additional IDE controller. Or SATA… Maybe even a new mainboard with more ports. My DVD-ROM is a LiteOn JLMS 165H, which reads clearly better than the 3500. But it doesn’t burn, and if it burned, it would be less good than the 3500, just because it’s a LiteOn. Nothing against LiteOn, but I once had a 411S and it just wasn’t top of the bill…


I have been reading that the 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD -R’s will actually write at 12x and that the 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD +R’s will write at 16x.

I haven’t purchased any of these yet to verify for myself, but it is what I have heard. Found that the Taiyo Yuden’s can be had for approx $58 for a 100 spindle at www.rima.com