Qualilty scans on NEc - why not on LG drives

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The NEC users responded to the call for action. I wouldn’t mind having bitsetting, but we have to make it clear to LG that it’s a priority to all of us. We need the support of as many as possible in this forum. We all see it has been successful with the NEC…do we want to do this?

I’m not talking about bitseeting. I’m taking about PIF scanning.

Perhaps Kenny has the right email we should all mail to?

Guess I assumed too much. That’s bitsetting for 4160 and for +RW in addition to PIF scanning. I guess we’re getting back into the NextGen wish list in the other thread.

why next gen?

nec does it for 35XX.

why can’t lg do it for 41XX?

They could if they wanted to.
Maybe you should start a campaign like the Nec folks did.

Exactly my point.

if kenny can give us a “neaningfull” email i’ll be more than glad to send the first one. he probably knows the best addressee.

very good idea…i think it is possible. On my LG CD-RW GCE 8526b in cd/dvd speed v3.21 i can test c1/c2 errors but in latest version3.70 this option is not availbe that i thing it is software problem
i’m ready to to start email to LG. Give me email. :iagree:

This issue was discussed in the past many times. I do have some email addresses but they are all strictly confidential and internal use only and I don’t think making them public will help anything. I think it’ll only lead to losses on our part.

Let LG suffer if they don’t want to do things for themselves. It’s their problem, not mine, not ours. For now, we can at least post right on this board and give LG opportunities to read the opinions of CDFreaks users.

Last thing: South Korea isn’t truly a democratic country and LG business group isn’t democratic either.

It took quite long for NEC. Lite-On users have used K-Probe and other utilities for years. Compared to Lite-On and NEC, LG has been a lot more into HDTV and Blu-ray. Too late now. Perhaps adding PIE and PIF scanning features in LG official firmware and utilities for LG drives will create more confusion than benefits is what LG thinks. I’ll personally continue to use Lite-On and BenQ drives for scanning even if LG drives have similar features.

@ kenshin

If one was to choose between a Lite-On or BenQ for scanning, which would you recommend?