Anyone know where to get a keygen for this game


i think you mean 4 online playing,
you can’t get a key-gen, the only way to play q3 on the net is with a bought version of the game


If you have the full version you will still have to download Point Release to join a game.


Maybe on astalavista but i think you need to buy the fullversion :slight_smile:


Hey, what kind of protection does QIII use?


Serial only :slight_smile:


no, there arent working cracks etc for letting you play it online, only,if you own the original version


If you want to play online just buy (ooh am I saying this :)) the original. Or play the demo, then a CDkey is not needed :):wink:


Got a full version right here but it must B possible 2 find a key somewhere or not?!