Quake3 multiplayer protection problem



When I try to play Quake 3 in multiplayer,
it says that my serial is allready in use(or something like that)
I made an disccopy of the original Quake3 CD

Is there any crack that gets rid of this irritating problem?


You mean when you try to play on the internet? When you want to play on the internet you’ll have to have a UNIQUE cdkey, so if you copied it from someone and he was stupid enough to give you his cdkey too, he’s probably playing with it himself (DUH).
You want to play online, buy the game yourself or grab a keygen (http://www.gamecopyworld.com) and have a lot of patience…
If you get this error when you’re playing over a LAN, you probably got a permanent Internet connection (cable for example).
Fix this by downloading the latest Q3A patch (http://www.fileplanet.com/) or disconnect from the internet when you want to play over a LAN.



isnt there any other easy crack?

is the crack still under construction or something like that?

about keygen:
do i just have to try out codes until one works? if it works, will it work forever then?



I have written a KeyGen for Quake III Arena. Although there are MANY possible combinations of seemingly valid codes (i.e. Quake III will accept it) only a handful of them are actually shipped with the game.

It’s a case, I’m afraid, of just trying until you find one that works. There’s no guarentee that it’ll work forever as there may be someone else trying to use that key (maybe even it’s THEIR key) on that server.

At the moment my crack is a standalone executable but I’m working on converting it to a DLL so that you can use it from within the Q3A console!

If you’d like a copy of what I’ve got so far then email me!

Good Luck!



I think there is NO way to make a crack that will totally eliminate the use of a valid serial number.
Because if you want to play on a NON-pirated server, you’ll have to get permission of the main
ID software CDkey checking server. And that server will ONLY give permission if you have a VALID
cdkey. And they are (as discribed above) hard to find.
So if you like the game, here’s some good advice: go buy the real deal, you’ll get a serial that
will always work!
But if you’re a diehard copyer, go waste your time on a keygen…



They are not hard to come by, rather easy actually…but I’m not gonna tell how and where, or I’ll probably be unable to use “my” key soon…

Just go buy the game…or better go play some other game…cause so far Q3 is boring…
maybe later there will be some nice mods…


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